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PRODUCT_NAME:   Beach Toy Set in Reusable Zippered Bag with Mesh Bag for Easy Clean and Store

Overall Ranking:  
★ ★ ★ ★

Price: $16.99


This is a complete sand toy set.  It includes 3 sand castle molds, several cute animal molds, such as an alligator, bunny, dinosaur and turtle.  Also included are a rake, shovel, watering can to get the sand at the proper wetness, and a sifter to remove shells and rocks.

It’s the perfect set, made of high quality plastic, which will provide the kids with hours of fun on the beach.  When you’re done for the day, simply rinse the pieces and put them in the nylon mesh bag. It’s easy for the kids to carry all their beach toys.


PROS:  It’s a complete set of great beach molds and toys.

CONS:  Not really a con, but if you don’t rinse it off before placing in the car, you’ll end up with sand in the trunk.


Families who love to go to the beach with kids.



Can easily be returned to


PRICE:  $16.99



Your kids, and maybe even you, will have a blast with these well made beach toys.  They will give you hours of fun.  If you’ve been thinking about buying a set of beach toys, you may want to consider buying these toys.



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