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PRODUCT_NAME:   Sand Free Compact Outdoor Beach / Picnic Blanket- Huge-9′ x 10′ For 7 Adults

Overall Ranking: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Price: $33.90



This awesome beach blanket is large enough for your entire family to fit.  It’s a huge 9′ x 10′.  Not only that, but’s with just a shake all of the sand just falls off and it’s water resistant.  This blanket is great for any outdoor activity – bring it to a sports game, to the park to hang out, to the beach – anywhere outdoors.  With the weight pockets, it’ll stay in place.  Just fill up the pockets with sand or pebbles and you’ll have no problems with it blowing in the wind.  There are also 4 included stakes, just in case sand or pebbles aren’t available.

And, it comes with an attached travel bag, which can double as a holder of all your valuables.



PROS:  It is huge, sand resistant, water resistant, soft nylon and very attractive.

CONS:  I really did try to find something negative, but I couldn’t.  It’s just great.


Anyone who spends time in the outdoors on the beach, in the park, at a sporting event, etc.



1 year unlimited warranty.  Email




I wouldn’t be without this blanket.  It has come in handy many times and is the perfect beach blanket.  It resists sand and water and will keep your family extremely comfortable.  If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a new beach blanket, you should think about buying this one..

BUY at Amazon:   Sand Free Compact Outdoor Beach / Picnic Blanket- Huge-9′ x 10′ For 7 Adults


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