North Captiva Island

North Captiva Island

A Totally Private Vacation!

North Captiva Island is very quiet, private and pristine and the islanders definitely like it that way.

North Captiva

North Captiva

You can find some of the best shelling in the world here on the powdery white sand beaches and shoreline.

North Captiva has 5 miles of beaches to go shelling and sunbathing on, but please do not trespass on private beachfront properties.

As you can imagine, with the Gulf of Mexico bordering the west side of North Captiva Island and Pine Island Sound on the east side, the favorite fare on North Captiva is fresh seafood.

There are only 2 restaurants on North Captiva. Barnacle Phil’s is a favorite and is located on Safety Harbor. Aside from the islanders, boaters frequent this casual,

Barnacle Phil's

Barnacle Phil’s

quirky spot. You can pull up your boat in front or you can make your way around the mangrove channel and dock in the rear. Make sure to look for the impish, playful otters player near, or sometimes on the boats.

Barnacle Phil’s has a Tiki Hut for outdoor dining or you can eat indoors. They are open for lunch and dinner.

The other restaurant on the island is Mango Island Cafe which is located across the harbor at the North Captiva Island Club.

North Captiva

Are You Planning on Visiting North Captiva Island?

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If you’ve been to North Captiva Island before, you might be thinking of renting a home for a couple of weeks, or, maybe spending the entire winter season.  If that’s the case, why not let me help you find a Realtor in the area, who’s  familiar with the best deals on North Captiva Island.  I belong to a Real Estate Referral Company and have my Florida Real Estate license, so I know and can highly recommend the best Realtors in the area.  If this sounds good to you, please fill out our contact form.  I’ll forward this information to a great North Captiva Island Realtor, who will contact you. There will be no pressure, just great service.

When you experience the beauty and laid back atmosphere of North Captiva Island, you might even decide to live here.  Whether retiring or just making a change, you’ll need a good Realtor to help you purchase the home of your dreams or connect you with a fine builder on North Captiva Island.  If this interests you, please provide your information in the contact form. Your information will be kept confidential.

Do You Have a Story North Captiva Island?

Take a look at what others have to say about North Captiva Island. Please share your own story about your trip to Anna Maria Island Florida in the Comments Section below.  Your comments will add a tremendous amount to the website.


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