Gasparilla Island

Gasparilla Island

Gasparilla Island Florida including Gasparilla Island State Park is part of a chain of barrier islands located off the Gulf coast of Florida.  Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound separate Gasparilla Island from the mainland.

Gasparilla Island Beach

Gasparilla Beach

The Gasparilla Island State Park portion of Gasparilla Island, consists of the small public beach areas along the Gulf side of the island and primarily at the southern end of the island, on the Gulf side and also bordering Boca Grande Pass.  Boca Grande Lighthouse is the centerpiece of this park area.

Boca Grande Light

The Lighthouse, built in 1890 is the shining star of the island. There are also 2 picnic areas with pavilions providing shade and gorgeous view of the water front. Directly to the south of the Lighthouse is Boca Grande Pass with Cayo Costa Island  across the water. The Lighthouse is open to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily from November through April and is open Wednesday through Sunday during other months, except August, when it closes.

Boca Grande Sign

The Beaches of Gasparilla Island

There is a $6.00 toll to get onto the island and small fees to park at the beaches and to enter the Lighthouse.

The beach in this area is beautiful for sunbathing, and shelling. But signs on the Boca Grande Pass side warn against swimming because of the extremely dangerous currents flowing through the Pass.

Boca Grande Pass is world renowned as the Tarpon Capital of the World. It is estimated that 10,000 tarpon arrive each year in May, June, and July, the peak of the Tarpon fishing season. Anglers come from far and wide in an effort to catch these giant sport fish.

In addition to sunbathing and fishing, shelling is an extremely popular activity. Shelling is at its best during the winter months, but is good all year.

Boca Grande Chapel

Armory Memorial Chapel

The Armory Memorial Chapel, very close to the Lighthouse is available for special occasions.


Things To Do on Gasparillia Island Florida

In addition to swimming on the Gulf side of the island, fishing, both by boat and onshore, and shelling, snorkeling on Gasparilla Island is also a very popular pasttime. Remember, though, taking live shells is prohibited.

Boca Grande Pass

Boca Grande Pass – The Best Tarpon Fishing In The World

It’s fun to take a relaxing bike ride exploring this beautiful island. You can also bring your canoes and kayaks for a scenic tour.

Hiking the nature trails is also a great activity. Here you can spot many species of birds and wildlife, including West Indian manatees, bald eagles, terns, American oyster catchers, and others.  Be sure to look for gopher tortoises roaming about.  And, don’t forget to watch for dolphins jumping in the surf.

There are, of course, restroom facilities, picnic pavilions and showers.

Where To Eat

If dining on the beach is your desire, then the South Beach Bar and Grille is for you.  Serving super fresh seafood, they are open for lunch and dinner daily.

In the town of Boca Grande, you’ll find the highly rated Temptations restaurant.

Where To Stay

If you’re willing to spend a few dollars, consider staying at the Gasparilla Inn & Club.  It has a wonderful golf course right on Charlotte Harbor and a fabulous restaurant.  And, of course, the town of Boca Grande is on Gasparilla Island, which has great places to stay.


Are You Planning on Visiting Gasparilla Island?

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