Fort Myers Beach Vacations

Fort Myers Beach Vacations!

Fort Myers Beach vacations will provide the best time for singles, families and retirees.   This is one of our favorite beach areas. It’s fun and funky, with great restaurants, a gorgeous beach with lots of watersports, and beautiful hotels and resorts.

Fort Myers Beach

As you drive over the Matanzas Bridge you’ll find the hub of this fabulous beach town on the right. Turn right on Estero Blvd. You are now in what is known as Times Square.

The area is lined with pavers and lush palm trees. There is an open area for roving musicians to set up. You can very often hear tropical, steel drum music playing in one of the local restaurants, or right in the square.

Fort Myers Beach Steel Drum

Nearby Times Square is Old San Carlos Blvd., which sits adjacent to it. There are several great restaurants on this street and a lovely park-like pavered area at the street’s end right on the water.

Throughout this tropical paradise you will find great restaurants, gift shops, sun paraphernalia, swimsuits and sunglasses. There is metered parking right in Times Square. There are also pay by the hour or day lots.

early to get a spot.

Fort Myers Beach Pier

Here you will find the Fort Myers Beach Pier. There’s a gift shop midway down the pier. It’s a must to take a stroll along the pier, if only to turn around and see the beautiful coastline.

Leaving the northern end of the island, traveling south you’ll find Estero Blvd. lined with hotelscondos and residential areas.  There are beautiful beachfront resorts, condos for rent and even a Gulf front RV park.

You will note as you drive along that there are many Beach Access signs. However, parking is almost non-existent. You’ll need to arrive very early to get a parking spot. The beach as you head south on the island gets larger and larger. At the southern end, it is an absolutely exquisite beachfront with wide, white, sugary beaches.

Where To Stay?

The beachfront is lined with great hotels.  Just pick one.

Are You Planning on Visiting Fort Myers Beach?

If you’re thinking of visiting Fort Myers Beach and are considering staying at a local hotel, I’d suggest strongly that you use Trivago to compare prices from different services.  This way you’ll be sure to get the best price.

If you’ve been to Fort Myers Beach before, you might be thinking of renting a home for a couple of weeks, or, maybe spending the entire winter season.  Or, maybe, you’re ready to move on down.  If that’s the case, why not let me connect you with a Realtor in the area, who’s familiar with the best deals on Fort Myers Beach.  I belong to a Real Estate Referral Company and have had my Florida Real Estate license for 20 years, so I know and can highly recommend the best Realtors in the area.  If this sounds good to you, please fill out our contact form.  I’ll forward this information to a great Fort Myers Beach Realtor, who will contact you. There will be no pressure, just great service.

When you experience the beauty and laid back atmosphere of Fort Myers Beach, you might even decide to live here.  Whether retiring or just making a change, you’ll need a good Realtor to help you purchase the home of your dreams or connect you with a fine builder on Fort Myers Beach.  If this interests you, please provide your information in the contact form. Your information will be kept confidential.

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