Bottlenose Dolphin Interesting Facts


Bottlenose Dolphin Interesting Facts


Bottlenose Dolphin


Let’s take a look at Bottlenose Dolphin interesting facts:  Florida Bottlenose Dolphins are beautiful and fun to watch as they play and jump in the water.  They are extremely intelligent and it is believed that they communicate with each other.


  • Dolphins make up to 1000 clicks per second.  The noise acts like sonar, traveling through the water until it hits an object and then sends back information, such as,location, size and shape of the object.
  • A Florida bottlenose dolphin will reach a length of about 8 feet and weigh between 400-500 lbs.
  • All sounds that dolphins made come through their blowholes on top of their heads, not their mouth.
  • Dolphins are mammals and, therefore, nurse their babies.
  • One side of the dolphins brain sleeps at a time.  Because of this, they can keep an eye out for predators while sleeping.
  • Dolphins travel together in groups of 3-20, called pods.
  • Dolphins eat 20-30 lbs. of fish every day, equating to about 5% of their body weight.
  • A dophin can dive as deep as 1000 ft.
  • Dolphins and bull sharks are enemies.  Because dolphins travel in groups, they can injure or kill a bull shark by all joining in to butt the shark.
  • While dolphins have about 100 teeth, they only use them to grab food, not to chew it.  Their food is swallowed whole.
  • Dolphins have 2 stomachs:  One for holding their food and the other for digesting the food.




There are several destinations in Florida where you can swim with the dolphins, although it is fairly expensive.

You can swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove at Seaworld, Orlando. Another spot, Theater of the Sea, Islamorada in the Florida Keys has 2 programs:  Swim with the Dolphins and Wade with the Dolphins in 3-4 feet of water.  The Wade with the Dolphins has no age restrictions.  The programs at Theater of the Sea are close to $200 per person, and Discovery Cove is more expensive, so it is pricey, but you may feel that the experience is worth it.

I would definitely not recommend trying to swim in open water when a pod of dolphins is nearby.

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