Bokeelia Florida – Pine Island

Bokeelia Florida – Pine Island!

Quiet and Beautiful

Bokeelia Florida is a tiny tranquil waterfront community on Pine Island’s northern end.

It is bordered by beautiful Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound.

You sure won’t find one of the 10 best beaches in Florida here. The entire island is crowned with mangroves instead of beaches.

The photo above was taken on the pier in Bokeelia looking out to Boca Grande Pass. Cayo Costa is seen on the left and Boca Grande is on the right of the Pass.

As you drive down Pine Island Road you’ll first go through Matlacha . A couple of miles down the road is a 4-way stop in Pine Island Center. This is Pine Island Road and Stringfellow. Turn right on Stringfellow to get to Bokeelia.

Bokeelia Pier

Bokeelia View

As you get to the tip of Bokeelia Florida, you can pull your car over to the side of the road and take in the beautiful view. On the left, we’re at the pier in Bokeelia looking out at Charlotte Harbor towards Boca Grand Pass. On the right we’re looking east across the Harbor. You can see Burnt Store Marina’s tower condominiums in the distance. Burnt Store Marina is the largest marina on the West coast of Florida.

Fishing In Charlotte Harbor and Beyond

If you’re a fisherman, Bokeelia is surely paradise. The expanse of fishing grounds is as good as it gets. Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound are famous for excellent fishing for ladyfish, snook, redfish, snapper and others.

Only a stone’s throw away is Boca Grande Pass, which is renowned for it’s tarpon fishing in season. Boca Grande Pass separates Boca Grande from Cayo Costa.

If you continue out through the Pass to the Gulf of Mexico you can fish for tarpon, grouper, shark and more gamefish. It’s truly an angler’s paradise.

Also, if you’ld like to rent a boat and do some fishing or island exploring yourself, the Four Winds Marina is in Bokeelia right on Jug Creek.

Four Winds Marina

Four Winds Marina on Jug Creek in Bokeelia

And, everyone loves to explore the beaches of Cayo Costa.

Cayo Costa Beach

Cayo Costa Lagoon

Tropical fruit groves and palm tree plantations abound in Bokeelia. Pine Island is known as the mango capital of the world.

Pine Island Palm Tree Farm

Pine Island Mango

Jug Creek In Bokeelia Florida

Jug Creek cuts through the center of Bokeelia Florida. One end is at Charlotte Harbor and the other end is at Pine Island Sound. It’s a great way for a boater to avoid some of the Harbor if it is particularly choppy, which it can very often be.

If the winds are blowing and churning the Gulf of Mexico, that choppy water comes in Boca Grande Pass and through to the Harbor.

Travelling through Jug Creek is a pleasant ride. We have several photos which will give a good representation of Jug Creek.

Bokeelia Jug Creek

Here we’re entering Jug Creek from Pine Island Sound. We’re directly across the Sound From Cayo Costa State Park.

Jug Creek Bokeelia

Jug Creek House

You can see the mangroves which encircle the entire island and line Jug Creek. Here’s a beautiful new Florida style home on the corner of Jug Creek and Pine Island Sound.

Jug Creek Condo

Jug Creek Home

There are several lovely waterfront condominium complexes on Jug Creek. Oh, what a life!

Bokeelia Condos and Boat

Bokeelia Jug Creek Sign

Some more beautiful water and more condos.

Lazy Flamingo

Jug Creek

Here’s a view of the Lazy Flamingo from Jug Creek and a large waterfront home.

Jug Creek Condos

Jug Creek

Some great looking Tahitian style duplexes line the water and some single family homes in the distance.

Jug Creek Gas Dock

Jug Creek Gas

Off to the right is the gas dock in Jug Creek. They also have ice and some supplies.

Charlotte Harbor

We’re leaving Jug Creek and going into Charlotte Harbor back to Burnt Store Marina.

Bokeelia Restaurants

There are only a few Bokeelia restaurants with the exception of a couple of tiny cafes.  Click on the link to see reviews of each.


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