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PRODUCT_NAME:   Plush Cabana Beach Towel by Laguna Beach Towel Co. 
Overall Ranking: A-
Price: $33.00



100% Cotton

  • THICK: 600 GSM of cotton compared to ~400 GSM of typical beach towels
  • LARGE: Oversized 70 in. x 35 in.
  • SOFT: Higher cotton content means a softer towel
  • CLASSIC, FRESH LOOK: One almond colored stripe adds a relaxed feel to the towel
  • ONE TOWEL: One towel included per order



Luxury Beach Towel
This premium quality towel (one towel included) is thicker and softer than the typical beach towel. It has 600 GSM (grams per square meter is a measure of a towel’s thickness) compared to 350-450 GSM of most towels. A LBTC towel is softer, will absorb more water, last longer, and stay drier than a towel with a lower GSM

Thicker stripes and an almond colored ‘party stripe’ brighten the timeless ‘Cabana Stripe’ pattern

About Laguna Beach Towel Company
Founded by a former cabana boy at one of Laguna’s most exclusive hotels, the Laguna Beach Towel Company specializes in high-end resort quality towels and outdoor accessories. All products are designed in Laguna Beach. Follow us on Instagram @LagunaBeachTowelCo.




PROS:  These towels are extra large and thick, just like a hotel towel.

CONS:  They will snag if jewelry catches on them.  Also, after a couple of washes you may notice some fuzz on them which needs to be removed with a lint brush.


Anyone who wants a great looking, thick, oversized towel.


{what is included with the product in respect to training and tools}


The company can be reached at




Even though they can snag and pill, I still love these towels.  But, that’s why I gave them a grade of A-.  On the plus side, they are the largest, thickest towels I could find and I’m thrilled to bring them to the beach.  They are also extraordinarily good looking as well.  If you would like an extra large, fluffy towel, you will love these.



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