Anna Maria Island Fishing

Anna Maria Island Fishing

Anna Maria Island fishing is probably the favorite thing to do on the Island, other than sunbathing on the beach.

Fishing on Anna Maria is as good as it gets. Some love surf fishing and others like to fish from one of the three Anna Maria piers. Some thoroughly enjoy renting a boat to fish from and others prefer to go out on a party boat. Whatever your preference, it is available on Anna Maria Island.

To learn the best land fishing spots and for a list of boat rental facilities, take a look here.

For the angler, there are three fishing piers on the island

  • Anna Maria Island City Pier
  • Rod and Reel Pier, and
  • Bradenton Beach City Pier

Each fishing pier has a restaurant, so you won’t even have to leave your fishing spot to go and eat.

If you prefer to fish from a boat there are nearby boat rentals to choose from or you can charter a fishing trip for the ultimate experience.


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